Friday, 22 December 2023

The Lyrical – Live at The Paddo

The Lyrical – Live at The Paddo
Friday December 22nd from 6pm
My songs don’t exist. Not in the way that we play them live.
None of my songs are actually recorded how they ever sound live. All I have ever put on an album are VERSIONS of my songs. And they change and sound different almost as soon as I leave the studio.
It’s a mix between not ever being able to capture the spirit of the live emotion, but also even if we do… It’s about me wanting to go on adventure every time I play a song and breathe new life into it in the moment.
I completely understand that so many other musicians are probably able to do this while singing the song the same way every time – but I very quickly start to feel trapped if I am forced to just play it the same way for years… Or even weeks haha.
So that’s why you should come to a show sometime 😁 Because outside of that… The music you would see there simply doesn’t exist anywhere else.